His Hand Extended

Hand Reaching                 His Hand Extended

                 Read Isaiah 6:1–13

After 2 weeks of missionary services at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Chuck knew what to expect. The format never varied. Missionaries greeted the church in a foreign language, talked about their mission, showed slides, handed out prayer cards, took an offering, and preached a message. Each night the same soloist sang the same chorus to the same people; then the service ended. A few stayed to pray but most went home.

However, something unexpected happened on the final night. The soloist began singing, “Oh, to be His hand extended, reaching out to . . .” Suddenly she stopped. Uncontrollable weeping spread throughout the sanctuary. Tears filled each eye. People everywhere were moving to the altars. Chuck hurried to the front too, found one spot left and took it. Then he heard the voice.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).

Chuck heard a voice that came from within. The voice spoke to others that night as well. God’s call to the harvest manifests itself in different ways, but the message remains the same. His voice calls to you today.

Challenge for Today: Will you be His hand extended?

Quicklook: Isaiah 6:4–10
—Chuck Harrel

God’s Word for Today © 2005 Gospel Publishing House (used by permission)

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2 thoughts on “His Hand Extended

  1. Angela Gering

    A very timely word Pastor! The last few posts, I feel as though you’ve been “reading my mail! ” Thank you for caring enough to call me on the carpet!
    I love you!
    Little Missionary


    1. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

      Hi Angie. Thank you for reading the devotionals. God calls all of us in some way. The call of a missionary (home or abroad) is indeed special. Sometimes our mission changes for a season, but our call never does. Wherever you are and in whatever you do, you are still a missionary.



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