Stopping Too Soon

In case some of you missed this one, I wanted to reblog it. We don’t want to quit, stop, or slow down when only a few more steps puts us across the finish line—where victory waits.

Charles Earl Harrel

Read 2 Kings 13:1 through 15:12; Luke 22:63 through 23:12

RunnerPeople are success minded. Some study all night hoping for a better grade at school or work harder at their job expecting an increase in salary. Athletes rush a few extra yards striving for the first down, and runners pick up the pace in the final lap to shave a few seconds off the clock. When friends play a board game like Monopoly, they are not thinking about losing. For the most part, people enjoy winning and hate defeat.

Believers should feel the same way about their Christian walk. They may spend additional time praying for success in a certain situation, yet they often quit interceding before their victory is complete. Did God ask them to stop?

The man of God . . . said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated…

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