Going through the Motions


Read 2 Chronicles 23:1 through 26:8

He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, but not wholeheartedly (2 Chronicles 25:2).

Amaziah ruled the kingdom of Judah for 29 years. He believed in God and accomplished many wonderful deeds during his reign. However, he struggled with a serious problem—part of his heart was missing. Being half-hearted gradually affected Amaziah’s faith and caused him to turn his back on God. This spiritual condition can afflict the hearts of Christians, too.

The Bible teaches us to live right and follow God’s commandments. However, unless we put our whole heart into it, our relationship with God will suffer, and so will our faith. God expects us to love and follow Him wholeheartedly. When Jesus instructed us to love God with all our hearts, He meant for us to apply our soul, strength, and mind as well (Luke 10:27).

If attending church, reading the Bible, and praying ever become religious duties, ask the Holy Spirit for help. We are fortunate that the Spirit of God specializes in heart surgery and restoring faith.

Challenge for Today: Do you know someone going through the motions of Christianity? Encourage that person with the Word of God and your prayers.

Quicklook: 2 Chronicles 25:1–9
—Charles Earl Harrel

God’s Word for Today © 2005 Gospel Publishing House (used by permission)

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