Swatting at Gnats

The PlaguesSwatting at Gnats                    

Read Exodus 7:1 through 9:35

After the plague of frogs ended, Moses told Aaron to stretch out his staff and strike the dust of the ground. Immediately, the dust became gnats, and the gnats swarmed upon men and animals throughout Egypt (Exodus 8:16, 17).

God chose an outbreak of gnats as one of His top ten, but why a plague of flying bugs? Little annoyances are often the most irritating. God knew these pesky insects were experts at bugging people—getting into eyes, ears, and mouths—biting every place they landed.

When Aaron struck the ground with Moses’ staff, a swarm of biting pests rose up and flew off. The Hebrew word translated “gnats” may also refer to mosquitoes. Either way, the infestation was massive. If the Egyptians had insect repellent, it wouldn’t have helped. Even Pharaoh’s magicians were impressed.

Supernatural plagues are not aimless demonstrations of God’s power. He uses them for a reason, and likely as a last resort. God wants humanity to know that He is God, the real God, and that His plans and purposes for this world will be accomplished.

Prayer Suggestion: As Jesus taught us, pray for God’s kingdom to come, His will to be done.

Quicklook: Exodus 8:8–19

—Charles Earl Harrel

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4 thoughts on “Swatting at Gnats

  1. Laura

    I remember a time, several years ago, when tiny gnat-like flies started showing up in my home, and we couldn’t seem to find the source. They became most annoying, flying in front of our faces during meals, landing on counters and tabletops, hovering aimlessly mid-air in circular patterns.
    Finally, we discovered their origin–in a houseplant that I had just re-potted with new soil. Apparently, the potting soil I had purchased was infested with eggs that hatched out within days. I realize, of course, this event occurred on a very small scale compared to that of the Egyptians, but those little pests nearly drove me insane! I would like to think I would have gotten the message God tried to convey long before any more plagues arrived. Yet, when I ponder the events appearing in the headlines today, I wonder–are WE getting the message? Your post is definitely timely. Thank you!



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