I Will Serve Him Forever

ServantI Will Serve Him Forever

Read Exodus 19:1 through 21:36

The Hebrew people were no longer honored guests in Goshen. Freedoms enjoyed during the time of Joseph quickly slipped away. The new pharaoh forced non-Egyptians into lifelong servitude. God’s people were now slaves.

After they escaped into the wilderness, God gave His people new laws to live by. One of them had a distinct feature—an escape clause for indentured servants. The Hebrews were not to be like the Egyptians, who bound people into a lifetime of slavery, with little hope of escape. According to the Law of Moses, a Hebrew servant and his family were set free after serving six years. However, if that servant loved his master and decided to stay, his master would take him before the judges, and pierce his ear with an awl against the doorpost. The servant would then serve his master for the rest of his life (Exodus 21:5, 6).

The analogy fits perfectly: Jesus Christ is a loving master like no other. When we bind ourselves to Him in faith and accept His free gift of salvation, we become His bondservant for all eternity. As the Hebrew servants discovered, a godly master is worthy of all our devotion.

Thought for Today: Servants bound in Christ have more freedom than they did under the bondage of sin.

Quicklook: Exodus 21:1–6

—Charles Earl Harrel

Pray that God would save your loved ones.

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