Looking for Volunteers

biblical-famineLooking for Volunteers

Read Genesis 42:1 through 44:34

When Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why do you just keep looking at each other?” (Genesis 42:1).

Crops withered away that year, just as Joseph predicted. The early and latter rains did not fall. The famine spread slowly at first, but soon all of Egypt was affected. Then it moved into the surrounding lands. Even Canaan, the land of promise, was not exempt.

Every year the famine grew worse. Families starved, livestock perished, and there was no end in sight. Then came the word: Egypt had grain. However, when Jacob told his sons the good news, they had this odd response. They just looked at each other as if to say, “Not me.”

The journey involved risk, and some travelers didn’t return home. Moreover, the Pharaohs weren’t known for their generosity to foreigners, and they hated shepherds like them. The brothers stared at each other, hoping someone else would volunteer.

Sometimes we hesitate to respond to needs at church, yet pastors are starving for willing servants. Before saying no, ask God how you can help.

Thought for Today: Whatever the need, everyone can help in some way.

Quicklook: Genesis 42:1–13

—Charles Earl Harrel

Daily Prayer Emphasis: Unity in the Church

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2 thoughts on “Looking for Volunteers

  1. Lynn Hare

    Great post, Charles. Probably the hardest task to get volunteers for is clean-up following an event. When the wind slammed my car door closed onto my hand last winter, I howled with tears. But I went in to the women’s event and participated fully. When the event was over, they needed help in the kitchen. The Lord told me to stay and wash dishes! So I did. I swallowed my pride and just pushed through. The glow of approval I got from Father God afterwards was worth every minute.

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  2. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

    Thanks Lynn. Serving God by serving others. Perhaps that is what volunteering is all about. All of us can help in some way—at home, at church, in the community, through our writings. God has openings for all. We just need to step up to the plate (baseball cliché) instead of looking for someone else to do it. Thank you for the comment and your prayers. Blessings!



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