THE GREATEST MOMENT – Readers find book inspiring

Readers are finding THE GREATEST MOMENT to be a book of encouragement, passion, and inspiration.

The Greatest Moment

Reviews and recommendations keep pouring in:

Janice R.Janice writes, “Purchased it, THE GREATEST MOMENT, and I’m enjoying the read. I save my Christian readings for bed and prayer time and taking my time throughout your book. I know I’ve seen your name in other devotional readings. Your writings are most inspirational. Thank you.”

Dr. Karl StraderI have read with interest the opening chapters of Dr. Charles Harrel’s new book. I was impressed with the passion and the tone of the writing. I’m sure it will be a winner.
—Dr. Karl D. Strader
Author, Pastor, Founder of Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, Florida

Ashley and Dr HarrelAshley writes, “Pretty excited about this! Check out both the e-book and paperback! Just got my hands on this, and I’m already a couple chapters in! It’s a good read! If you want to find out about The Greatest Moment in history, then head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy! Only $8.99 for the e-book! Support a local author, and my father-in-law, Charles Harrel! Awesome to see this book finally published and out getting into the hands of people! Go check it out!” Ashley added that she read the chapter about the greatest moment of all, first . . . and found it enlightening, even captivating.

For more information about the book, to read the back cover, or to find out where you can purchase a copy, click on THE GREATEST MOMENT.



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