Readers Recommending THE GREATEST MOMENT

God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

bill-cote-1Pastor Bill Cote writes, “Charles, I received your book yesterday. Thank you so much. A good read, informative and inspiring. Already up to chapter 7 . . . hard to put down, but need to work. Blessings, and thanks once again.”

Pastor Cote was one of the twelve winners from the Christmas book giveaway for THE GREATEST MOMENT. Check out his blog, “The Word without religion,” at

Lynn HareLynn H. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT is written with a fresh, Spirit-filled voice. It’s deep and has narrative-packed, fresh perspectives from Charles Harrel’s personal God-Encounters. The light-hearted humor is wonderful. I love the wealth of Biblical word and cultural studies. I enjoyed getting to know the ‘greatests’ of the Bible—Christ-centered people and past, present, and future milestone events. I’m using this book as a daily devotional, savoring the Lord’s presence found deep in its pages. I give it the highest recommendation.”

Check out Lynn’s blog, “Sounds of a Brilliant Redeemer,” at

Patty KuehlPatty K. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT is deeply profound, yet very readable. Baby Christians and Bible scholars alike will enjoy the clarity of truths and depths of knowledge the author reveals. Ultimately, this book points us to the ‘greatest moment of all,’ but the journey through the pages contains several layers of revelation that will inspire a deeper appreciation for our Creator and Savior. It will no doubt become a ‘read-it-again’ book that I look forward to sharing with friends and family!”

Kathy C.Kathy C. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT evokes many thought-provoking moments to ponder. I like this author’s personal stories, which intertwine with biblical references and come alive on the pages. His writing is very relatable and brings up memories of my own encounters with God. I hadn’t read beyond chapter 3 when I found myself taking notes of things to reflect back on later, not wanting to lose anything to memory. This book is a must read and will bless all who go deeper to learn of The Greatest Moment.”

For more information concerning the book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can purchase a copy, click on the icon below.

The Greatest Moment


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