THE GREATEST MOMENT is heading to the United Kingdom for the London Book Fair (March 14–16) at the Olympia Convention Center.

The London Book Fair sits at the heart of London’s Book & Screen Week. The fair hosts more than 25,000 publishing professionals from over 60 countries.

My book will receive showcase placement, a half-page ad in the London catalog, and be inserted into the official show bag handed to buyers.

This trade show is another opportunity to reach out into the harvest and to have a worldwide impact for the Gospel.  So, I need some of you chaps to pray that it’s ace. Cheers!

For more information concerning this book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can purchase a copy, click on the cover below.



10 thoughts on “THE GREATEST MOMENT Going to London

  1. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

    Thanks Leola. Your prayers are appreciated. Have you read the book yet? If not, you can read the first 3-4 chapters for free on Amazon in their “Look Inside” preview. Here is that link: ,or just go to and look for my title. Blessings! I will let you know how the London Fair goes.


      1. fonzandcancer

        Yes I wish you every success for your book, your title sounds very uplifting. I have hung onto God for my life quite literally in the last 7 years fighting cancer to hear the word ‘CURED’ I am so grateful I was given the strength to carry on where I though it was not possible. I am a spiritual man and I believe in miracles. I will for sure be praying your book is a real success. I would like you to possibly point me in the right direction with regards publishing a book? Have you and e excerpt I can read? Kind regards Mark.

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      2. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

        Hi Mark. Thank you for your kind words and for the encouragement. Great to hear about your cancer victory. What a blessing! Sounds like your faith in God is strong.

        Here is the Amazon UK link for my book. Amazon has a “Look Inside” preview (Introduction, several chapters, contents) that you can read: . It will tell you a little more about the book. You can read some of the reviews as well. The Greatest Moment comes in paperback and e-book. My Facebook “book” page has some additional information and comments: .

        In regard to publishing, CreateSpace, the publishing division of Amazon, has some nice options, and it’s fairly cost effective. There are many others, too, depending on whether you are self-publishing or going with a traditional publisher. I guess the main thing is to write the manuscript (or a proposal) and to make sure it is well edited before submitting.

        Keep on believing in miracles.
        Again, thank you for your prayers,

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      3. fonzandcancer

        I will for sure take the time to read Charles and thank you for your kindness. Yes my faith is strong, I have two dogs that signify beating cancer TWICE. Faith and Lily Hope. God bless you my friend, I love people that live a life to bless others. Thank you for shining light so there is less darkness.

        All the best

        Mark AKA Fonz

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      4. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

        Holiday Blessings to you, your family, and even to your testimonial dogs (I love their names). If at some point you buy my book (the e-book is fairly cheap), let me know. Amazon doesn’t notify of who buys what. And I’ve been donating all my profits to Missions.


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