I Would Like a Refill, Please!

Another helpful post and illustration by Patrick from Serving Grace Ministries. I need a refill, too, perhaps several.


By Patrick Hawthorne


Several years ago, I made a trip to Boston.  Being from the deep South all my life, it was a new experience for me, to say the least.  Going into one particular restaurant, I had a hankering – a craving for you Northerners – for some sweet iced tea.  When I asked the waiter, he looked at me as if I had lost my mind.  “There is sugar on the table,” he stated rather smugly.  Good thing I didn’t ask for grits.  His head might have exploded.

Now, you folk from the North don’t know a thing about sweet tea, especially when drank from a Mason jar.  You cannot…and I repeat…you cannot add sugar to tea after it has gotten cold.  All that sugary goodness just drops to the bottom of the glass quicker than my IQ after watching one episode of the Kardashian’s.  Nope, sugar must…

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One thought on “I Would Like a Refill, Please!

  1. His Perfect Timing

    Amen. Growing up on my grandmother’s farm, we drank out of mason jars and ice cold sweet tea is still my favorite drink. Last year when my colleague and I visited New York City, we teasingly requested sweet tea over ice at a restaurant. The server didn’t understand, but the manager did his best to fill the request. Iced tea can’t be sweetened while cold. I don’t know why this is difficult to understand.

    Similarly, when I ate grits this morning, I thought of my aunts who moved up north. One went to Michigan, and the other, the state of Washington. Every time they visited my grandmother they would stock up on grits and cornmeal. 😊.

    At my women’s Bible Study group that meets on Monday nights, the minister’s wife serves fresh vegetables, chicken and dumplings, cornbread and sweet tea. The company and food feel like home.

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