More Recommendations for THE GREATEST MOMENT

More Reader Recommendations for THE GREATEST MOMENT

“Dear Charles, have read your book through once and am starting again at a slower pace. It is a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience of old stories made new with deeper insights into God’s glory and His plan for us. I ran the gamut of my emotions from elation at glimpses of glory to feeling the humanity of Old Testament prophets and kings and knowing the fear and trembling of the exodus people. Then came the rejoicing of our Savior come to redeem us. All new concepts of end times and our Heavenly future have given much understanding and enlightenment. An answer to Paul’s prayer in Ephesians for our understanding hearts.” —Marilyn B.

“Simply put, the book is excellent. I highly recommend it to everyone; the message within will change your life forever.”

“The Greatest Moment is most certainly what I need to read as it is for countless others. And yes, I do want to take my time, Bible open, and study it. Second time through for me.” —Peggy T.

“As I was reading Dr. Harrel’s wonderful book, the anticipation became so overwhelming & exciting that I found myself wanting to skip to the end, but dared not for fear of missing a wonderful truth. Though extremely tempted, I am proud to say I did not skip to the end. While the title alone was enticing, the content was truly informative & enlightening. I learned so much. I had never before thought of the difference between great, greater and greatest as relating to biblical & spiritual truths. I can honestly say I have never read a more inspiring book.”

—Kathy P.

“Dr. Charles Harrel uses heartwarming stories and Scripture to illustrate important biblical principles and personal responsibility. Each teaching builds upon itself to educate and intrigue the reader. Dr. Harrel’s anointing flows throughout this masterpiece. Each time I read his book, I couldn’t put it down. His explanations and stories enable readers to better understand concepts like creation and the Trinity. While I have many pages highlighted for further review, I was especially moved by his dream about the white throne judgement. Perfect gift for yourself and others! You will be blessed!” —Kay D.

“I’ve known Charles since I was a kid and I remember hearing him speak at church, or just in normal conversation. I’ve always loved the way he communicated through Scripture and this book is a must read! Whether you’re searching for answers in your walk, feeling dry and want to get refreshed in your relationship with God, or just curious about what The Greatest Moment is, check this book out!”

“Love the perspectives, insights, and inspiration built into this book. Made me feel encouraged for my dreams and future.”

—Andrew & Heidi S.

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4 thoughts on “More Recommendations for THE GREATEST MOMENT

  1. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

    It seems like the enemy has worked overtime to stop you from reading by my book. Or maybe it was just circumstances. Getting it to someone has never been so hard. But now, your copy is on the way. Pray for a successful delivery. Godspeed!



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