Writing Devotionals

Fruit of the Vine Summer 2002  84103-DevoCOVPK-Fall07-DM.indd  The Quiet Hour Spring 2008  God's Word for Today Summer 2013  Upper Room Jan-Feb 2010 Words of Life Nov-Dec 2002 Echoes Quiet Hour Winter 2011-12 untitled PENNED 2006 The Secret Place Winter 2008

  • In May 2018, I updated the links for Writer and Submission Guidelines. Hopefully, they will stay current for a while.

Fruit of the Vine Summer 2002

Fruit of the Vine is a quarterly devotional magazine put out BARCLAY PRESS. It is an exceptional magazine. The main office is located in Newberg, Oregon, and their editors occasionally attend the Oregon Christian Writers’ conferences. My seven devotionals became my first official publishing credits in 2002. You can review their writer’s guidelines online, or email them at fv@barclaypress.com for more information. Their home page is barclaypress.com.


God’s Word for Today is a daily devotional for adult students, which offers structured Bible reading, daily suggestions for prayer, action and contemplation ideas help students grow closer to God and be a greater influence in others’ lives. GWFT has been my favorite devotional magazine to write for. My devotionals have appeared in sixteen guides, going back to 2003.

Query editor for assignments. Pentecostal denomination.
Click on this link for more information about writing for Gospel Publishing House.


The Upper Room reaches millions of people in more than 100 countries around the world. A tattered and worn devotional guide is often passed from person to person for years after publication. Ironically, just one meditation impacted more people than I ever did through thirty years of preaching. If you’re interested in outreach, submit your meditations to The Upper Room. Visit their website for the writer’s guidelines. They are also listed in The Christian Writer’s Market Guide.

  Penned 2004  Penned from the Heart 2015  Penned 2007  Penned 2014 Volume 20-c

Penned from the Heart is a yearly devotional anthology put out by Son-Rise Publications, and until recently, was a great place to submit your work. Besides formal devotionals, the editors used songs, poems, insights, teachings, anecdotes, and words of encouragement or inspiration. Sadly, after many years and many issues, Son-Rise has decided to stop publishing Penned from the Heart.

The Secret Place Summer 2004 The Secret Place Summer 2003 The Secret Place Winter 2008 The Secret Place Winter 2007 The Secret Place Summer 2007

The Secret Place is published by Judson Press. It is another excellent devotional magazine. They use 100% freelance writers, and the publishers are looking for original, unpublished devotions (no reprints). Try submitting ones with biblical passages and themes that are less familiar. Writer and submission guidelines are posted online. You can read their current devotional online as well. The Christian Writer’s Market Guide has additional contact information.

The Quiet Hour

The Quiet Hour 

The Quiet Hour has over 100,000 annual readership/circulation, This quarterly publication of devotions for adults provides daily inspiration from anecdotal content related to selected Scripture passages with encouragement and insight that lends to life application.

Click on Writer’s Guidelines for information about writing for this publication. 

The Quiet Hour is an outstanding devotional guide.

Light from the Word is a daily devotional, published quarterly, with a circulation of approximately 27,000. We look for clean, tight, inspirational writing that makes minimal use of first person. Writing must lead readers to discover a biblical truth and apply that truth to their lives. Each devotion contains a title, theme verse, body text, and imperative action statement of affirmation.

Devotions are written by assignment; a typical assignment is for seven devotions of approximately 200–240 words each. Payment is $100 for seven devotions and includes a complimentary copy (check out The Christian Writers Market Guide for updated information and contacts). Writer’s Guidelines

Christian Devotions (devotions 300-400 words). Writing Guidelines

devozine is a bimonthly, 80-page magazine for youth, written by youth and adults who care about them. Each issue focuses on eight or nine themes. Each theme includes weekday readings and weekend features, enough for two months. Meditations may be read in chronological or random order. Themes may be expressed through scripture, prose, poetry, prayers, stories, songs, art, or photographs. Readers and writers include persons of many different denominations and cultures. Submission guidelines.

Pockets is designed for readers 8 to 12 years old. Pockets magazine offers wholesome devotional readings that teach about God’s love and presence in life. The content includes fiction, scripture stories, puzzles and games, poems, recipes, colorful pictures, activities, and scripture readings. Freelance submissions of stories, poems, recipes, puzzles and games, and activities are welcome. The magazine is published monthly (except in February).

The purpose of Pockets is to help children grow in their relationship with God and live as Christian disciples. It is written and produced for children and designed to help children pray and to see their faith as an integral part of their everyday lives. The magazine emphasizes that God loves us and that God’s grace calls us into community. It is through the community of God’s people that we experience that love in our daily lives. Submission guidelines.

THE CHRISTIAN WRITERS MARKET GUIDE is another great source for writing devotionals, which includes market suggestions, writer & submission guidelines, and editor contact information. I have used these market guides for years, not just for devotionals, but for all writing genres.


Check back occasionally for updates and other information on devotional writing.


5 thoughts on “Writing Devotionals

  1. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

    Thanks Patrick. The Christian Writers Market Guide has even more detail and many places to submit your devotionals, articles. and manuscripts for publication. It comes out every year or two. I usually pick up a copy.

    I also wanted to mention that I so enjoy your anointed, spirit-filled teachings. They are always spot on, enlightening, and challenging.

    I have been wanting to ask you: Have you checked out my inspirational book, The Greatest Moment? Amazon has a free “Look Inside” preview (introduction, contents, several chapters). Here’s the link: http://amzn.to/1WNxHUm It will tell you a little more about the book and why I wrote it. Perhaps you might be interested. Let me know.



  2. Charles Earl Harrel Post author

    I reblog your writings often, giving you the credit and byline. What you write is so anointed, inspiring, and an encouragement to me—and many others. Thank you. May God continue to bless your writing ministry, devotional or otherwise.



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