The Greatest Moment: Reviews & Comments

A Sampling of Comments and Reviews about THE GREATEST MOMENT

—Noted author, David Espinoza

The Greatest Moment delivers a message right from the heart of God with compassion and clarity. It will capture your attention and spark the awakening your soul is longing for.

—Patricia Kuehl
Executive Assistant, Educator, Former Director of Christian Education at Calvary Temple in Portland, Oregon

“Totally awesome and powerful!! Check it out! I gave it five stars. It was just that good.”

Could not put it down! The Greatest Moment: God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny is like reading a delightfully guided tour of the Bible with a tour guide who deeply cares for your eternal well being and soul destination. The author freely shares his wealth of knowledge. Greatest moments build incrementally until we reach the ultimate greatest moment and meet our Lord and His Christ. The Bible characters take on personality and the author leaves the reader feeling like you really know them.

—Patricia McGlennon, author of Last Call For The Church: A teaching on the Crucial Timing of the Rapture of the Church

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Charles Harrel’s The Greatest Moment. Dr. Harrel provides a well thought out and scripture based progression for the theme of his book. THE GREATEST MOMENT ultimately challenges Christians to live a life of Christ to reach the lost with the Gospel, first lived and then spoken. I encourage all to read and share the blessings of The Greatest Moment.

—Chris Smith

Many books are written but few have the power to change the world. This is one such book. Dr. Harrel has written a gem that presents the mind and word of God in a clear and concise way that ignites the fires of faith. No one can be left untouched, unmoved, or uninspired after reading this book. I strongly recommend it, not just for believers, but for everyone. It will answer all your questions concerning God and His dealings with mankind. This book will help you discover yourself.

—Kato Nkhoma, author and senior pastor

THE GREATEST MOMENT evokes many thought-provoking moments to ponder. I like this author’s personal stories, which intertwine with biblical references and come alive on the pages. His writing is very relatable and brings up memories of my own encounters with God. I hadn’t read beyond chapter 3 when I found myself taking notes of things to reflect back on later, not wanting to lose anything to memory. This book is a must read and will bless all who go deeper to learn of The Greatest Moment.

—Kathy Coffman

I read THE GREATEST MOMENT very slowly, trying to study and take in all the layers that were presented, each building on the other. It is thoughtful, insightful, and so informative as Dr. Harrell explains how it all leads up to our Greatest Moment.

I recommend this book for both new Christians as well as those of us who continue to study to deepen our faith. Now I am going to reread it again!

—Donna Stucky

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