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THE GREATEST MOMENT going to Hershey, PA

CPE Winter 2017-Hershey PA

THE GREATEST MOMENT is going to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the Christian Product Expo (February 5–7).

This trade show welcomes buyers from churches, Christian bookstores, and other Christian retail outlets.

buyer-gift-bags-orginalThe Greatest Moment will receive placement in the Xulon display and be inserted into the official show bags given to buyers.

Please pray for God’s favor—and that Christian bookstores, outlets, and ministries will notice my book. Thank you.

For more information about the book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can get a copy, click on the book cover below.

The Greatest Moment


Readers Recommending THE GREATEST MOMENT

God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

bill-cote-1Pastor Bill Cote writes, “Charles, I received your book yesterday. Thank you so much. A good read, informative and inspiring. Already up to chapter 7 . . . hard to put down, but need to work. Blessings, and thanks once again.”

Pastor Cote was one of the twelve winners from the Christmas book giveaway for THE GREATEST MOMENT. Check out his blog, “The Word without religion,” at TheUnfetteredPreacher.com/.

Lynn HareLynn H. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT is written with a fresh, Spirit-filled voice. It’s deep and has narrative-packed, fresh perspectives from Charles Harrel’s personal God-Encounters. The light-hearted humor is wonderful. I love the wealth of Biblical word and cultural studies. I enjoyed getting to know the ‘greatests’ of the Bible—Christ-centered people and past, present, and future milestone events. I’m using this book as a daily devotional, savoring the Lord’s presence found deep in its pages. I give it the highest recommendation.”

Check out Lynn’s blog, “Sounds of a Brilliant Redeemer,” at LynnHare.com/.

Patty KuehlPatty K. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT is deeply profound, yet very readable. Baby Christians and Bible scholars alike will enjoy the clarity of truths and depths of knowledge the author reveals. Ultimately, this book points us to the ‘greatest moment of all,’ but the journey through the pages contains several layers of revelation that will inspire a deeper appreciation for our Creator and Savior. It will no doubt become a ‘read-it-again’ book that I look forward to sharing with friends and family!”

Kathy C.Kathy C. writes, “THE GREATEST MOMENT evokes many thought-provoking moments to ponder. I like this author’s personal stories, which intertwine with biblical references and come alive on the pages. His writing is very relatable and brings up memories of my own encounters with God. I hadn’t read beyond chapter 3 when I found myself taking notes of things to reflect back on later, not wanting to lose anything to memory. This book is a must read and will bless all who go deeper to learn of The Greatest Moment.”

For more information concerning the book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can purchase a copy, click on the icon below.

The Greatest Moment

Christian Book Browser – Winter/Christmas 2016

Christian Book Browser Catalog: Winter/Christmas 2016

My book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, is one of the books being featured.


For more information concerning the book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can purchase a copy, click on the book icon below.

The Greatest Moment cover-2

It would make a great Christmas gift.

Available in paperback and e-book formats for Kindle, NOOK, Apple, and compatible devices.

THE GREATEST MOMENT – Readers find book inspiring

Readers are finding THE GREATEST MOMENT to be a book of encouragement, passion, and inspiration.

The Greatest Moment

Reviews and recommendations keep pouring in:

Janice R.Janice writes, “Purchased it, THE GREATEST MOMENT, and I’m enjoying the read. I save my Christian readings for bed and prayer time and taking my time throughout your book. I know I’ve seen your name in other devotional readings. Your writings are most inspirational. Thank you.”

Dr. Karl StraderI have read with interest the opening chapters of Dr. Charles Harrel’s new book. I was impressed with the passion and the tone of the writing. I’m sure it will be a winner.
—Dr. Karl D. Strader
Author, Pastor, Founder of Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, Florida

Ashley and Dr HarrelAshley writes, “Pretty excited about this! Check out both the e-book and paperback! Just got my hands on this, and I’m already a couple chapters in! It’s a good read! If you want to find out about The Greatest Moment in history, then head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy! Only $8.99 for the e-book! Support a local author, and my father-in-law, Charles Harrel! Awesome to see this book finally published and out getting into the hands of people! Go check it out!” Ashley added that she read the chapter about the greatest moment of all, first . . . and found it enlightening, even captivating.

For more information about the book, to read the back cover, or to find out where you can purchase a copy, click on THE GREATEST MOMENT.


Thanksgiving Giveaway for THE GREATEST MOMENT

The Greatest Moment

I’m giving away three (3) copies of my new inspirational book, The Greatest Moment. Click on the Amazon link below for an opportunity to win one. No strings attached. This giveaway is for the e-book format.

Amazon has a free app so you can read The Greatest Moment on your smartphone, tablet, or computer—no Kindle device required.

Hope you will enter. Hey, it’s Thanksgiving—a time to give and be thankful.




The Greatest Moment

God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

THE GREATEST MOMENT has gone to press. It comes in paperback and e-book formats for Kindle, NOOK, Apple, and compatible devices.

Many books are written about great moments, but this book is about the greatest moment of all. No event is more important for humanity, no moment more significant for Christians, especially in the prophetic day and age in which we live. The book will not only reveal some of the greatest truths in the Bible, it will spark a renewed passion for the things of God, encourage spiritual intimacy, and inspire readers to reach out to a lost and needy world. Great events can shape our destiny and embracing the greatest moment will do the same.

For more information concerning the book, to read the back cover, or find out where you can purchase a copy, click on one of these links:



My Book Page on Facebook

The Greatest Moment cover-2


My Book Page on WordPress




Look Inside Preview on Amazon


THE GREATEST MOMENT – Impacting Readers

The Greatest MomentTHE GREATEST MOMENT is Impacting Readers 

Three more comments

Kim and TGMComments from Kim: “As a Christian bookstore manager, I knew that Dr. Harrel’s book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, had recently published. I could hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. I immediately flipped to the chapter on ‘the greatest moment of all’ and read that first. I was not disappointed! Then I read the rest the book. It’s everything I expected—and even more so. I purchased three more copies for friends and family.”

Don and TGMDon writes, “I find the book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, to be very interesting. It brought out a lot of things I didn’t realize were even in the Bible. It challenged me and helped me through a rough time of my life. I particularly liked the last chapter, ‘The Greatest Work,’ which features a story and teaching about how to actually believe. An inspiring read that I highly recommend.”


Laura writes, “For over 15 years, I have enjoyed anthologies and articles written by this author. His new inspirational book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, captured my interest again. I liked the author’s real-life experiences, mingled with descriptive word pictures. They were not only captivating; some were quite humorous. Vivid portrayals of biblical events come alive and convey relevance in today’s world. I highly recommend Dr. Harrel’s book for individuals desiring a deeper understanding of God’s heart and for those longing to know what lies ahead in eternity.”

Laura is reading The Greatest Moment during her devotional quiet time.

Click on THE GREATEST MOMENT  for More Information.The Greatest Moment-3d cover

 Click on Amazon for a Look Inside preview.Amazon

Are you looking for spiritual encouragement, inspiration, or a higher calling? Have you ever wondered if there is more to faith, something richer, deeper? Then you might enjoy reading THE GREATEST MOMENT.