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Never Say . . .

Another encouraging post by Yamina from Faith, Love, Soul. And I agree with her: “When you least expect it, God will help you, He will restore you, He will send you the people meant to help you through your journey.” So . . . Never Say [Never].


Never say that all the flowers are dead, the winter has killed them, they are gone.

No!  Although the winter has covered them with a white coat of snow, in the spring they will begin to sprout again and blossom even brighter than before.


Never say the sun is not there just because the clouds have hidden it.

No!  The sun is still there, planning to shine for you once again.  It is planning on shining so bright, that the clouds will drop its rain and blue skies will appear once again.

Never say my troubles will never leave, no one understands me, my affliction is here to stay.

No! When you least expect it God will help you, He will restore you, he will send you the people meant to help you through your journey.  And once you get back up, standing on both feet,  you will rejoice and…

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As Long As It Takes

As Long As It Takes                    

As a shepherd looks after his scattered flock when he is with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness (Ezekiel 34:12).

Scripture: Ezekiel 34:11–16

Song: “Rescue the Perishing”

We’d just finished loading the camp gear into the truck when the park ranger approached our now empty campsite. “Have you guys seen a small boy in a blue T-shirt and white shorts?” the ranger asked. “Well, he’s wandered off and his parents are worried.”

Sadly, we all shook our heads “No.” But as the ranger jogged to next campsite, he noticed the L.A. County Fireman’s sticker on my dad’s Chevy Suburban. Even before he returned to ask, Dad had tightened his boots, grabbed a flashlight, and was heading down the canyon.

They both understood the urgency. In a few hours, temperatures would drop to near freezing. In the pitch darkness and rocky terrain, the little boy’s chances of survival were slim. As Dad disappeared into the night, Mom called out, “How long will you be gone?” Dad yelled back, “As long as it takes.”

Likewise, whenever we wander away from the flock, our faithful shepherd, Jesus, will find and rescue us—no matter how long it takes.

Precious Shepherd, sometimes clouds of discouragement sweep over my soul, causing me to feel lost, isolated from the flock. Please rescue me, Lord; bring me back to the fold and into Your loving embrace. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

“As Long As It Takes” by Charles Earl Harrel. First published in Devotions® © 2011 Standard Publishing. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.

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Even a Dog Knows

DogEven a Dog Knows

Read Exodus 10:1 through 12:51

Chuck’s favorite pet, his dog Monique, was born on Valentine’s Day. She had a sweet disposition. Sometimes, while being petted, she smiled back at him, or so it seemed.

Monique enjoyed watching people from the front porch, her tail always wagging as they walked down the sidewalk. For the first two years, Chuck wondered if his dog had a voice impediment, because she never barked or growled. Then one afternoon, she let out a round of barks, surprising everyone. Monique saw someone she didn’t like. Somehow, she sensed the difference between friend and foe.

Most dogs have keen senses, but the dogs in Egypt acquired additional discernment. When God intervened, Egyptian-owned dogs that regularly tormented Hebrews suddenly stopped barking at them. The dogs even left their livestock alone. That night, God made a distinction between the Egyptians, who served false gods, and the Hebrews (Exodus 11:7).

God does not discriminate, but He does differentiate between nonbelievers and believers. Jesus called it sorting sheep from goats. Sadly, only the sheep are bound for heaven.

Thought for Today: On Judgment Day, only our faith distinguishes us.

Quicklook: Exodus 11:1–10

—Charles Earl Harrel (Chuck)

Pray that God would help you surrender your entire heart to Him.

God’s Word for Today © 2009 Gospel Publishing House. Used by permission.

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My dog Monique