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When It’s Time To Push

Much wisdom in this post by Beth. Sometimes, the biggest breakthroughs come when we keep pushing.

Beth L. Olson

Recently I had a few days where I felt like I was pushing against a brick wall. I had all of these things in my heart to accomplish, and had been working towards them with diligence for many months, when I came to a spot where I smacked into what felt like strong resistance.

As I was driving down the road thinking things through, I passed a middle school football field. That was the moment when I was able to put my jumbled up, frustrated feelings into words. I felt like I had been pushing against one of those blocking sleds they use in football practice.


Having that picture in my head brought me relief and peace. I realized that I was actually in a good spot. Sometimes to get something off the ground you have to push. Pushing is hard, painful work. The fact that it is time to…

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Compliment Him

Praise Him                              Compliment Him

Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds! So great is your power that your enemies cringe before you” (Psalm 66:3).

Scripture: Psalm 66:1–4
Song: “Praise the Lord, for His is Good”

“See, I told you. Things never work out for me.” Linda used those words often, to the extent that they gradually became an overused phrase, a cliché that her friends tuned out. Soon people quit listening altogether. Sadly, they no longer heard Linda’s cries for help.

Linda had experienced many disappointments. Because of this, she focused on her problems, undesirable circumstances, and past failures—most of them not her fault. Yet her perceptions often made bad situations even worse.

Then one day Linda met a Christian woman named Sandy. Sandy listened past the clichés and heard the cry of Linda’s heart. Sandy suggested that Linda change the way she prayed. Instead of complaining to God, compliment Him. Her outlook on life changed dramatically. It didn’t take long for her friends to notice the improvement.

God is a patient listener. He hears us when we talk about our problems, bemoan our circumstances, or complain about all the evil in the world. Even so, surely enjoys our praises too.

Dear Lord, I am so thankful that You listen to my hurts and concerns. Help me to lift my praises this day as well. Through Christ, amen.

“Compliment Him” by Charles Earl Harrel. First published in Devotions® © 2007 Standard Publishing. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.

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