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Good question. Great answer. This post by Beth is revealing and enlightening.

Beth L. Olson

When you hear the phrase, “You are different than everyone else,” what tone do you hear it in? Is it a positive thing or a negative one?

If we never compare ourselves to each other, how will we recognize and honor the unique gift mix that each person carries?

I would like to propose the idea that comparison is not bad at all. Where we get into trouble is when we… continue reading 

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Listen Up

Listen or IgnoreListen Up

Read Genesis 42:1 through 45:28

A serious epidemic has sprouted up in the world. It seems to affect teenagers the most, but anyone can get it. The symptoms are easily recognizable: lack of attention, difficulty hearing instructions, and disregarding sound advice. Doctors have not officially named this disease, but for the time being, we can call it, “Not Listening.”

When Joseph’s brothers would not listen to his pleas—and Reuben’s pleas—for his release, their poor decision came back to haunt them.

Reuben replied, “Didn’t I tell you not to sin against the boy? But you wouldn’t listen! Now we must give an accounting for his blood” (Genesis 42:22).

With God, we give account with our eternal souls. Therefore, we must listen to His guidance, which comes in many forms: counsel from godly parents, sermons from pastors, lessons from Sunday School teachers, and daily devotionals—to name a few. God has made every effort to warn us about the consequences of sin. He wants us to pay close attention.

Prayer Suggestion: Each day, set aside a quiet time during prayer: no talking, just listening.

Quicklook: Genesis 42:14–24

—Charles Earl Harrel

Pray that God would send out workers into His harvest field.

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