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More Readers Recommending THE GREATEST MOMENT

More And More Readers Are Recommending THE GREATEST MOMENT

Chris S. writes, “I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Charles Harrel’s The Greatest Moment. Dr. Harrel provides a well thought out and scripture based progression for the theme of his book. THE GREATEST MOMENT ultimately challenges Christians to live a life of Christ to reach the lost with the Gospel, first lived and then spoken. I encourage all to read and share the blessings of The Greatest Moment.”

Catherine R. writes, “What a powerful book Charles. When I got to the last 3 chapters it was hard to put down, because the Holy Spirit was so present. I wouldn’t have stopped, but we were traveling and my husband needed help with directions (lol). I went right back to it though. Tears flowed I have to say! I passed The Greatest Moment on to my friend. Please pray that my friend has the same experience. Again, thank you.”

Cathy M. writes, “I enjoy reading good Christian books, and I’m enjoying THE GREATEST MOMENT by Dr. Charles Harrel so much—that I right away began using it as a devotional book, taking my time, reading it slow.”

“His book is teaching me a lot, and I’ve been looking up the Scriptures he mentions in my Bible. This book has opened my mind to what God’s Word is really trying to say and teach us all.”

Martin W. writes, “I want to once again share with you about a great book that you can buy on Amazon. It is The Greatest Moment and authored by Dr. Charles Earl Harrel. This book can be read for individual enrichment, family devotions, or home bible study groups. Order yours now on Amazon at a great price.”

Indeed! Amazon has a good price right now for the paperback version. Check it out: $10.42 (almost $7 off the retail price) Here is the link: http://amzn.to/1WNxHUm

Kathleen E. writes, “Your book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, was read with delight in the mercy and goodness of our Great and Awesome God. The longer I live the more precious He becomes. Looking forward to that ‘Greatest Moment’ with joy and anticipation.”

Thank you much more than this greeting can say, Kathleen

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The Greatest Moment

“The world’s methods of determining greatness are usually biased; they do not reflect God’s perspective.”

Quote taken from The Greatest Moment: God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

The Greatest Moment

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THE GREATEST MOMENT – Impacting Readers

The Greatest MomentTHE GREATEST MOMENT is Impacting Readers 

Three more comments

Kim and TGMComments from Kim: “As a Christian bookstore manager, I knew that Dr. Harrel’s book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, had recently published. I could hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. I immediately flipped to the chapter on ‘the greatest moment of all’ and read that first. I was not disappointed! Then I read the rest the book. It’s everything I expected—and even more so. I purchased three more copies for friends and family.”

Don and TGMDon writes, “I find the book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, to be very interesting. It brought out a lot of things I didn’t realize were even in the Bible. It challenged me and helped me through a rough time of my life. I particularly liked the last chapter, ‘The Greatest Work,’ which features a story and teaching about how to actually believe. An inspiring read that I highly recommend.”


Laura writes, “For over 15 years, I have enjoyed anthologies and articles written by this author. His new inspirational book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, captured my interest again. I liked the author’s real-life experiences, mingled with descriptive word pictures. They were not only captivating; some were quite humorous. Vivid portrayals of biblical events come alive and convey relevance in today’s world. I highly recommend Dr. Harrel’s book for individuals desiring a deeper understanding of God’s heart and for those longing to know what lies ahead in eternity.”

Laura is reading The Greatest Moment during her devotional quiet time.

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Are you looking for spiritual encouragement, inspiration, or a higher calling? Have you ever wondered if there is more to faith, something richer, deeper? Then you might enjoy reading THE GREATEST MOMENT.


Christian Book Browser featuring THE GREATEST MOMENT

The Christian Book Browser is featuring THE GREATEST MOMENT in their fall catalog. This catalog is mailed to 4,000 Christian bookstores and 5,000 churches across the United States.

Christian Book Browser Catalog

Please pray that my book finds favor with bookstores and church ministries. Thank you!

The Greatest Moment


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God Still Enflames Hearts

God still enflames hearts with Greater truths and Deeper revelations.

Rekindle Your Spirit!


God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

The Greatest Moment

For more information about this book, click on THE GREATEST MOMENT.The Greatest Moment-3d cover

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THE GREATEST MOMENT is going to Nashville

Christian Product Expo in NashvilleTHE GREATEST MOMENT  will be in Nashville for the Christian Product Expo from September 20–22.

Created by the Munce Marketing Group, the Christian Product Expo (CPE) welcomes buyers from churches, Christian bookstores, and other Christian retail outlets.

This trade show provides a pointed opportunity for those whose goal is to find placement in places where the faith-filled search for their next devotional, teaching book, or curriculum.

The Greatest Moment (front cover)THE GREATEST MOMENT is being featured in a billboard & top rack placement. Copies of my book will be given out to prospective buyers as review copies.

Please pray for God’s favor, that book buyers will notice my book, and that those who read it will find inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you,
Charles Earl Harrel

For more information about The Greatest Moment click here.

New Inspirational Book – Receiving Favorable Reviews

THE GREATEST MOMENT: God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny has been receiving favorable reviews.

Kathy & Pastor HarrelKathy holding her copy of THE GREATEST MOMENT. Have you ordered yours yet? Are you looking for spiritual encouragement, inspiration, or a higher calling? Have you ever wondered if there is more to faith, something richer, deeper? Then you might enjoy reading The Greatest Moment.

Phil OppermanPhil Opperman writes, “I finished this excellent book, THE GREATEST MOMENT – bought it and read it on my Kindle reader. I highly recommend it – and wrote a review for Amazon.com. I’ve known Dr. Charles Harrel for many years – and he walks the talk.”


Rev. StraderPastor Stephen Strader says, “I am enjoying Dr. Charles Harrel’s new book, THE GREATEST MOMENT! Great book!”

“Dr. Harrel is a friend and colleague. But more important, he has been touched by and had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. The greatest moments in the Word of God have to be experienced personally. His book encourages such intimacy.”
—Rev. Stephen Strader
Author, International Speaker, Lead Pastor at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida

Click on THE GREATEST MOMENT  for more information.The Greatest Moment-3d cover

Amazon also has a Look Inside preview.


If you have read THE GREATEST MOMENT or have just starting reading it, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me or use the contact form. May God’s blessings rest upon you.

Thank you,

Charles Earl Harrel