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People Find Inspiration by reading The Greatest Moment

More People Recommend Reading THE GREATEST MOMENT

Patricia left this review on my phone: “Hi there! This is Patricia Clowers. I have been reading your book, THE GREATEST MOMENT. Oh my God! I am so blessed! I just read the chapter called ‘Before the Foundation of the World.’ I love the section on the Trinity revealed, about the Holy Spirit, and the Father. So insightful! Oh, and the way you put that, it just really blessed me. It was so real—like God speaking right to me.”

“This book is precious, and I’m so enjoying it. God bless you and have a good day.” —Patricia

Concerning The Greatest Moment, Craig and Rebecca write:

“Definitely Five Stars! Dr. Charles Harrel has an intriguing way of painting a picture in words that makes you want to go down the road he is on. As you continue to follow his lead—the more you are looking for the prize, which in this case is ‘The Greatest Moment.’ The author’s ‘with Jesus’ is very prevalent in his explanations and knowledge of Bible stories, drawing you in.”

Sylvia D, writes, “I would highly recommend THE GREATEST MOMENT by Dr. Charles Earl Harrel, as a ‘must read’ book. I found it to be profoundly insightful, inspiring, and very well written. And it was a joy to read!”

Brenda and Tom B. write, “Thank you so much. Just got your book, The Greatest Moment. We are enjoying our copy and are being inspired as we read it. Great book. We are greatly blessed and uplifted as we read and study what God has revealed to you to minister to us. Thank you so much for the treasured gift.”

“We’re going to let our neighbor, Dee, read it next.”

An Amazon reviewer writes, “Dr. Charles Harrel’s book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, takes you on a journey of discovery, helping us to understand what is meant by the author saying ‘The Greatest Moment’ and that God still creates the opportunity of experiencing what we would express as ‘Great Moments.’ He quoted Dr. Ravi Zacharias in his introduction: ‘There is no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny.’

“On this journey, he will take you from great moments of creation, of the patriarchs, the Life of Christ, and many of the other great moments in the Bible. As you read, you stop to think of those moments he is presenting, how awesome and how it affects us. I begin to look back on this journey reflecting on some greatest moments I would consider and yet to experience. I found those moments have built from one experience to another.

“He does not leave the reader with just information, but a challenge of expectation of what ‘Great Moment’ is yet to come and the challenge to share with others how Christ can bring to them that experience of ‘The Greatest Moment’. The context is informative and easy reading. I recommend the book and encourage to use as a daily devotional format.”

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The Greatest Moment-3d cover                                                                THE GREATEST MOMENT                                                            God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

Now available for ordering

Many books are written about great moments, but this book is about the greatest moment of all. No event is more important for humanity, no moment more significant for Christians, especially in the prophetic day and age in which we live. Great events can shape our destiny and embracing the greatest moment will do the same. The book will not only reveal some of the greatest truths in the Bible, it will spark a renewed passion for the things of God, encourage spiritual intimacy, and inspire readers to reach out to a lost and needy world.

              For more information about the book, or where you can purchase a copy, click on           NEW BOOK: THE GREATEST MOMENT.

New Book: The Greatest Moment

The Greatest Moment (title)

My new book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, is at the publisher in production and will soon be available for ordering. When ready, it can be ordered or purchased at retail bookstores, through online retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or directly from the publisher.The Greatest Moment (front cover

The book is about the greatest moment in the Bible, heaven’s highest call, God’s eternal purpose, and our destiny in Christ. These truths, and others like them, set the stage and focus for the book: recognizing, understanding, and embracing the greatest moment of all.

Readers will find great truths connected to great moments, and at the end of the book, they’ll discover God’s greatest moment, including why that moment is so important for them and humanity. They will also encounter the greatest word and Scripture in the Bible. The need for true revival will be discerned and the greatest work explained. Most of all, readers will see a harvest of lost souls waiting to be gathered.

Click on NEW BOOK; THE GREATEST MOMENT for more information and to see the back cover.