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Death Valley Gold Mine

This picture illustrates a divine truth found in Chapter 14 of my inspirational book, THE GREATEST MOMENT.

The painting is word picture about Death Valley, which is my lead-in to the chapter about hidden treasure in the Cross. Like undiscovered gold, ‘life” can be found in the most unexpected places. We normally associate Death Valley with death and loss. We often do the same with Calvary, but there are living treasures to be discovered there. Life is one of them. Aspects of life are hidden in the barrenness of Death Valley. Something similar can be said for the Cross.

As for the painting, my second, I’m learning how to blend warm and cool colors to create depth. Notice the shovel stuck into the ground, next to the pick. And no, those are not watermelons, they’re barrel cactus.

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THE GREATEST MOMENT is going to Nashville

Christian Product Expo in NashvilleTHE GREATEST MOMENT  will be in Nashville for the Christian Product Expo from September 20–22.

Created by the Munce Marketing Group, the Christian Product Expo (CPE) welcomes buyers from churches, Christian bookstores, and other Christian retail outlets.

This trade show provides a pointed opportunity for those whose goal is to find placement in places where the faith-filled search for their next devotional, teaching book, or curriculum.

The Greatest Moment (front cover)THE GREATEST MOMENT is being featured in a billboard & top rack placement. Copies of my book will be given out to prospective buyers as review copies.

Please pray for God’s favor, that book buyers will notice my book, and that those who read it will find inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you,
Charles Earl Harrel

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The Greatest Moment-3d cover                                                                THE GREATEST MOMENT                                                            God’s Greatest Hour, Heaven’s Highest Call, and Your Moment of Destiny

Now available for ordering

Many books are written about great moments, but this book is about the greatest moment of all. No event is more important for humanity, no moment more significant for Christians, especially in the prophetic day and age in which we live. Great events can shape our destiny and embracing the greatest moment will do the same. The book will not only reveal some of the greatest truths in the Bible, it will spark a renewed passion for the things of God, encourage spiritual intimacy, and inspire readers to reach out to a lost and needy world.

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New Book: The Greatest Moment

The Greatest Moment (title)

My new book, THE GREATEST MOMENT, is at the publisher in production and will soon be available for ordering. When ready, it can be ordered or purchased at retail bookstores, through online retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or directly from the publisher.The Greatest Moment (front cover

The book is about the greatest moment in the Bible, heaven’s highest call, God’s eternal purpose, and our destiny in Christ. These truths, and others like them, set the stage and focus for the book: recognizing, understanding, and embracing the greatest moment of all.

Readers will find great truths connected to great moments, and at the end of the book, they’ll discover God’s greatest moment, including why that moment is so important for them and humanity. They will also encounter the greatest word and Scripture in the Bible. The need for true revival will be discerned and the greatest work explained. Most of all, readers will see a harvest of lost souls waiting to be gathered.

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